Management Information Services:

CAS Worldwide provides consulting and advisory services related to managing three primary components: technology, people (individuals, groups, or organizations), and data (information for decision making) within an organization.Management information Services are distinct from other technology services, in that they are used to analyze and facilitate strategic and operational activities.

CAS Worldwide is a network of business process efficiency experts.   We take a holistic approach to objectively review and assess your current business processes, identifying and prioritizing opportunities for process improvement and helping you to design and implement changes to your processes that will ensure overall efficiency.

Technology plays a significant part of any business process in today’s environment, so as part of our review we will assess your current technologies to determine if they could be used to provide you with optimal results or will provide recommendations for changes to your software, which will closely align to your new business processes.

Our overall goal is to help you manage your business using the latest technology solutions on the market, while providing your assurances that your processes are effective and efficient, and controlled.

We focus on a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:

Wholesale Distribution
Service industries including – Legal, Accounting, Engineering, Advertising and Digital Media


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