Business Process Review


Operational Reviews, Internal Controls, and Business Risk Assessments

Business Process – Documentation A business process only works if everybody agrees on and understands how a process is supposed to run. Creating a business process document acts as a guide that all employees and managers can reference to ensure that agreement and understanding. It can also serve as the baseline for training documents to prepare new workers for that process.

Business Process – Improvement – Weak business processes waste time and money, and almost always has a negative impact on product or service quality. At CAS Worldwide we help you analyze and improve your business process by identifying and strengthening your current processes and software applications.  The end goal is to provide you with a road map on how to use your current software more efficiently or incorporating new software applications into the process to increase your ability to manage your business.

Business Process – Risk Assessment – Effective risk assessment is increasingly important to the success of any business. Risk assessment provides a mechanism for identifying which risks represent opportunities and which represent potential pitfalls. Done right, a risk assessment gives organizations a clear view of variables to which you may be exposed. CAS Worldwide will help you identify and mitigate your business risks by auditing and strengthening your internal controls.